Ganke Lee
Vital statistics
Aliases Ganke, Gankester
Affiliation Spider-Man
Base of Operations Brooklyn Visions Academy
Relatives Unnamed mother
Age 13 (14 after timeskip)
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Asian
Unusual Features Unknown
Origin Unknown
Universe Ultimate AKA Earth-1610
Place of Birth Unknown
Created by BMB and Sarah Pichelli
Ganke Lee is Miles Morales' best friend that helps him with his Spider-Man activities. 


Miles went to Ganke for help after he got bit by a spider. He researched different spiders and told Miles that he isn't a mutant but an altered human. He became one of Miles' roommates (The other being Judge). Ganke convinced Miles' to save a woman in a burning building and covered for Miles when he went to go see the death of Peter Parker. He and Miles went to the Funeral of Peter Parker. He got Miles' his first Spider-Costume that he used until Nick Fury sent him his real one. 

Ganke barges into Miles' Mother's house during one of their conversation's to give Miles' a recorded fight scene (it was real, too) of Spiderman (Peter Parker) fighting Doc Ock. (It was drawn to look like a fight scene from Spider-Man 2) He got it for Miles to study the movements of Peter, in hopes of making him a better fighter. 

Ganke was walking with Miles when Miles' Uncle appears leaning on a tree. Miles tells him to go to their dorm, but stays behind a tree.

Ganke covers for Miles until he gets back to the dorm room from the grounds keeper. They then try to throw off Judge from where Miles was at.

Ganke was with Miles when he gets a lead from Uncle Aaron at the end of Issue 10


  • Ganke is a huge LEGO fan. 
  • Ganke's father died when Ganke was young, now he lives with his mother
  • Ganke loses weight in the 'One Year Later' timeskip.
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